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Bespoke Policy Tailored to Your Group Purchasing Requirements

Whilst all Academies are committed to providing the best education for their pupils and supporting their local communities, at SAS we know each MAT, diocese, cluster group and local authority is different and the difference; however subtle, is what SAS have the capacity to support through its Bespoke Policy Design. SAS will offer a tailormade solution that rewards cohesive purchasing to achieve best value & economies of scale with both a bespoke & sustainable service offer.

With over 24 years’ experience in building and developing relationships with Schools and Academies, Schools Advisory Service are the largest provider of Staff Absence Insurance in the UK (working with over 4,000 Schools and Academies). We therefore have a unique understanding of an Academies insurance needs and support service requirements, and thus develop our products annually in consultation with schools to ensure that we provide the most relevant and effective Staff Absence Insurance service available in the UK.

Our philosophy at SAS is to not only support your group financially when absences occur, but work with you to prevent and reduce staff absence. We do this by including physical and mental health support services for staff and pupils complimentary to your SAS insurance. These services are designed and implemented by our team of experienced in-house SAS Nurses providing support for their physical and mental health as well as a range of pupil wellbeing services designed to have the greatest possible impact on the wellbeing of pupils.

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