Maintaining Momentum: Staying Strong with Good Habits in 2021

Maintaining Momentum: Staying Strong with Good Habits in 2021

January has been and gone in a flash and this year it’s important to stay focused on looking after ourselves more than ever!! However, maintaining good intentions from the start of the year isn’t easy!! There’s so much going on in schools with Virtual Lessons, teaching students of Key Workers and thats in amongst looking after your own family. Looking after yourself can sometimes seem like an item low down on your list of priorities, but that shouldn’t be the case!! Taking even 10 minutes to zone out of the pressures of everyday lockdown life can make a huge difference to your Mental Wellbeing as well as your Physical Health. Myself and Valusska have filmed 5 new “Fit in 5” Training Videos using hand weights (dumbbells if you have them or 2 500ml water bottles) and resistance bands. You can use these as stand alone workouts combined with perhaps a brisk walk outside, or take on more than 1 workout in a single sitting. The choice is yours and that’s the key factor; YOU need to be accountable for looking after yourself.

Here is a list of the “Fit in 5” Workouts and also some handy tips for staying on top of your Mental and Physical Health:

Hand Weight based Resistance Workouts for Upper and Lower Body and Core with Ed

Resistance Band based Workouts for Upper and Lower Body with Valusska

Stay on track in 2021

  • Limit junk food: Clear out your cupboards and freezer and make sure there is nothing unhealthy that can tempt you. However long it has been since you ate a tub of ice cream (one of my chief vices), there is always the risk that if it’s in the house….you’ll eat it. If you feel you deserve a treat then buy your chosen treat next time you’re shopping and enjoy it at a designated time. Don’t bulk buy treats….temptation is a powerful thing; if its not there, you can’t eat it!!
  • Sit down for meals: Avoid eating on the move. This applies whether you are getting something out of the fridge, cooking your children’s evening meal or walking around a supermarket. All of these moments of grazing and snacking add up, and not in a good way. Also eating whilst static at the very least is far better for your digestive process.
  • Use smaller plates: It’s difficult to judge when to stop if you’re eating from a huge dinner plate, so switch to a smaller size and don’t pile food up high. If you’re still not satisfied I can guarantee you will be less likely to over eat even if you opt for “seconds” as your initial intense hunger will have been blunted.
  • Be aware of mindless eating habits: These can lead us to eat when we don’t need to. Examples of this are snacking in between meals or eating in front of the TV (I used to be terrible for this; especially when Match of the Day was on). This is one of the easiest ways to consume lots of calories without noticing or indeed thinking about it!!
  • Prioritise sleep: Most people need at least 7 to 8 hours a night any less and you’re likely to feel hungry and crave foods that are more carb heavy and more than likely less healthy choices too. To get a decent night’s sleep, it’s important to go to bed and rise at a similar time every day, if possible even at the weekend.

Staying on track with regular exercise and a balanced nutritional intake is not an easy balance and very few of us get it spot on each and every-day. Keeping a positive mental attitude and not being to self-critical but at the same time pushing yourself helps ensure that each week ends in the positive column. I hope this has been helpful advice. Enjoy our new “Fit in 5” Videos below😃👊!!

Ed 💪

SAS Gym Personal Trainer