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Living Well Assessment & Development Programme

Helping school leaders reduce staff absence
by equipping staff with the mindset & skillset to beat pressure & thrive

The Living Well Assessment is a part of the complimentary wellbeing services available with SAS staff absence insurance policies.

There is no doubt that wellbeing is in the spotlight, and in truth there is a continuing trend for life to become more demanding, more complex, and faster changing year on year, threatening our health and wellness – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Activate your Awesomeness presents an opportunity to develop living well as a central core of your wellbeing strategy. It will help staff feel more resourceful, empowered and motivated to thrive in all life areas.

Being awesome starts with living well

Living well, being well, and doing well are interlinked

The online Living Well Assessment and Development Programme helps staff function and perform at their best. It raises self-awareness, gives them the skillset to make changes, and become a more empowered version of themselves.

Working through the programme’s chapters with your support and encouragement, in just a few days or weeks your staff will be able to:
1. Be more present and aware, more ‘in-the-moment’, increasing their impact while reducing stress and anxiety.
2. Remain resourceful and resilient so they can meet challenges and difficulties head on and make the most of opportunity.
3. Focus energy and attention on what can be changed or improved, increasing efficiency and momentum, while minimising anxiety and worry.
4. Create a more helpful and empowering internal narrative that builds self-confidence and self-esteem.
5. Identify and change habits that are undermining their health, wellbeing, and success, to facilitate increased health, happiness and achievement.
6. Connect more powerfully with people to form relationships that are healthy and productive.
7. Harness the power of belief to move beyond self-imposed limits to liberate more potential and explore more of what is truly possible.
8. Build a powerful vision and take action to achieve goals and master change.
Insight Triggers Change

Running the programme within your school produces deeper understanding of the source of any pressure, and helps identify where to target support.

We generate insight through:

A Consolidated Management Report – showing how many staff scored at each level in the 9 Living Well areas, providing some initial insight into where life pressures are being felt the greatest across the staff team.

A Consultation with one of our Living Well Consultants to explore and examine the results, and to discuss how best to respond in a way that improves wellness, productivity and achievement.

Fast… Powerful… Effective…

Our online development programme makes an immediate and positive difference – uplifting you, your team, and your school with our awesome range of stimulating activities and experiments.

With a clear picture as to ‘Where you are now’, staff progress through the development activities, which help to ‘Focus your attention’; develop more ‘Helpful habits’; and change ‘The stories you tell yourself’ to move towards the ‘Vision’ they have designed for themselves.

By helping your staff focus their energy and effort on what they can change, rather than what they can’t, they’ll feel more effective, be more productive, and experience less stress.