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Leadership Edge

Wellbeing Coaching

Leadership Edge began when we couldn’t find another coaching company that provided the type of affordable, sustainable, non-directive coach training for school leaders that we were looking for! Taking action became a matter of now or never and in 2018 Leadership Edge was formed.

Our coaching model is based upon the three-year process, our now flagship school, had used when on their journey from special measures in 2016 to outstanding in 2019. It was a three-tier process of training and supporting in school coaches, holistic in nature, involving people being coached themselves, providing coaching for others with built in supervision, reflection and articulation of the coaching process, to gain the accreditation standard at each of the three tiers, Foundation, Practitioner and Master Coach.

Associates who serve Leadership Edge are school leaders past and present, who are like minded in their approach to coaching and believe in the need for leaders to see their role as that of serving others.

Schools are special places, full of special people. We want school staff to stay happy, purposeful and empowered in their school life, so we provide a safe thinking space where individuals can gain the clarity and confidence to bring their best self to school.

Our coaches are passionate about building trustworthy, confidential relationships and will guide, challenge, inspire and equip coachees to develop not only themself but to create a culture where others in school can share the joy of contributing to children’s learning alongside their own development, self-care and mental well-being.

We believe it’s time for a new model of coaching in schools, one that values both people and results. People want their work to have purpose and meaning; to be partnered in their on-going learning with leaders who provide a confidential thinking space for them to be truly listened to, where strengths are developed, and people are supported to create their own solutions to challenges.

Remote coaching available across the country

The Leadership Edge assess.coach quiz is free, with offer of a follow up 1-1 coaching session


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