Launch of The National Wellbeing Partnership

SAS are excited to announce the launch of the National Wellbeing Partnership, comprehensive wellbeing support services available to schools with many of the services being recognised and approved by the NHS. The partnership is the brainchild of past NAHT president and current SAS National Wellbeing Director Andy Mellor and links to experts in wellbeing within the education sector. All partners share the same ethos as SAS, to offer the most comprehensive and supportive mental and physical wellbeing services as possible to help school staff and pupils flourish.

Following the government’s announcement to increase funding for extra mental health support through online resources and charity grants, the National Wellbeing Partnership syncs perfectly with DfE aims and provides a wide scope of services with education specific experts in wellbeing, ensuring that support in the education sector is robust and proactive. Exclusively working within education, we are aware every school has its own unique needs, staff and pupils require their own individual approach to their physical and mental wellbeing. The partnership will associate and quality assure the highest quality, professional led wellbeing providers in one place, ensuring that there is a variety of tried and tested services with a range of delivery methods to cater for a wider array of wellness needs.

The understanding of wellbeing in schools varies greatly from school to school and often wellbeing provision is of variable quality. The National Wellbeing Partnership helps schools to know where to locate the highest quality wellbeing provision. Often, we discovered the best wellbeing provision in school comes as a result of collaboration between different wellbeing services. The partnership enables schools to find the best fit of wellbeing providers for their school, rather than tap into a one size fits all style provision.

The National Wellbeing Partnership has been developed for all schools to provide them with a library of vetted, comprehensive wellbeing support. Whether you are an SAS client or not, we want to help you enhance your wellbeing culture. If you are looking for wellbeing support for your school, the partnership has done the groundwork of looking for the best support available for you.

SAS clients are eligible for exclusive offers and access to resources from the providers that are part of the partnership.

What is the National Wellbeing Partnership?

The National Wellbeing partnership consists of organisations, charities and individuals who are motivated by making a difference to school wellbeing and have a track record of doing so in both pupil and staff mental and physical health and wellbeing. The expert led, clinician support that encompasses the partnership includes psychologists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, personal trainers, support hotlines, clinical experts, speakers, authors, leadership trainers, governance, pastoral support, research and development.

Wellbeing is not one size fits all and it is important to find what makes your staff flourish and help them to live their best life with the support that is right for them. The Wellbeing Partnership does just that.

Who is a Part of the National Wellbeing Partnership?

What are the Future Plans of the National Wellbeing Partnership?

One of our main aims with the creation of the National Wellbeing Partnership is to help create a greater awareness of wellbeing culture within schools and help raise the profile of wellbeing in the education sector. Looking to the future, SAS are committed to building a support network of the highest calibre that has been tried and tested. We will work to continue to find services which will help prevent staff from experiencing absent where possible, but more so, support staff when they need it most. The aim of the partnership for pupil wellbeing is to avoid having to use CAMHS and help schools take preventative and supportive measures before a problem exists.

We hear and see so many amazing stories from schools about what they are doing to help support whole school wellbeing and we will be acknowledging the work you do by continuing to share best practice and celebrating school wellbeing efforts with an annual National Awards Ceremony starting in 2021.

“The National Wellbeing Partnership is a team of partners from various sectors who have come together to make a positive difference to wellbeing in schools for both staff and pupils. As a head I needed one place where all wellbeing partners are grouped so that I could create a whole school wellbeing approach and culture. The National Wellbeing Partnership is just that and it will make a significant difference to the ability of schools to meet the wellbeing needs of staff and pupils.” – Andy Mellor, SAS Wellbeing Director

“2020 is proving to be an extraordinary year and for most of us so far more challenging and negative than we could have imagined. The present situation in schools has raised the question what matters most? Mental and Physical Wellbeing is and always will be the number one priority. The NWP will assist School Leaders, Staff, Governors & Pupils on their Wellbeing journey to BE happy, kind, resilient, healthy, curious and to flourish to BE their best self. Tangible wellbeing support to make a difference to all UK Schools, all research shows happier, healthier staff and pupils perform better an outcome we can all celebrate.” – John Brady, SAS Director

If you believe that you make a difference to whole school wellbeing and would like to work with these partners to share your work then please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.