Launch of SAS Ask the Experts

SAS are pleased to announce the launch of our latest wellbeing support service – Ask the Experts.


At SAS, we work with industry leading experts and clinicians to provide the best possible wellbeing support to SAS staff absence insurance customer schools and their staff. Today, we have launched Ask The Experts, which consists of a hub of information and resources shared by our team of experts, as well as the ability to contact our experts for personalised support for your wellbeing or for guidance to school leadership on ways to promote a better whole school wellbeing culture within the school community.

Our experts include:


Ask Andy РSchool Leadership & Pastoral Support 



Ask Mandy – Nurse Support



Ask Rebecca – Counselling Support



Ask Mike – Physiotherapy Support



Ask June – Mindfulness Support



Ask Ed- Fitness & Nutrition Support


You can visit the expert’s hubs by clicking the links above, or clicking here to visit our Ask The Experts page. More information is coming soon to these hubs to help schools support their staff and pupils as we transition back into the new school term as well as exclusive content for SAS clients.