Launch of Ask Ed

SAS are pleased to announce the launch of Ask Ed – the SAS Fitness and Nutrition Consultation Service, included as standard in SAS staff absence insurance policies in conjunction with our SAS Gym App

Ed is a former PE teacher with 9 years’ experience, has been an active Personal Trainer for 16 years and has a Level 4 Diploma in Exercise and Nutrition. He is a qualified Instructor in a variety of Fitness based classes including: Spinning, Kettlebell, Pump FX, Circuits just to name a few.

“I feel that consistency is vital to remaining fit and healthy. To do this, finding activities you enjoy is key. This could be going for a bike ride with your family 2-3 times a week or going to a gym class after work with friends. Some of my clients like having a goal to aim for; running 5k, getting in shape for their forthcoming holiday or hitting a goal weight. I want to help people find the best way to enjoy improving their health. Fitting this around your work and family commitments isn’t easy but I believe there is always a way to make it work.

The same principles can be applied to the nutritional side of things. For example having a varied but structured dietary plan in the week but enjoying yourself with a meal out at the weekend is a good way of becoming healthier without it seeming like a chore. I have helped people keep on top of their dietary requirements ranging from national level athletes to people who simply want to have a healthier lifestyle. Every human is unique and deserves an approach that is personalised to their needs.”

Ed will be assisted by Valusska, who will be bringing her knowledge and positivity to help school staff achieve their fitness goals and to provide some variety in instructional work outs.

Valusska has been a fully dedicated martial artist for 16+ years. She previously was a dancer and ran for the country in 100 metre, 200 metre, relay and hurdles. She accidentally got into martial arts after taking her eldest daughter to a class. Valusska is now an accredited 2nd Dan Black belt in full contact freestyle karate and traditional Shotokan karate. She has a number of achievements under her belt, winning best Hall of fame karate student of the year for Cambridgeshire 2 years running, 3 gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze for freestyle full contact fighting, 4 trophies for best Shotokan kata, and a specialist trophy for best karate student of the year for the club Valusska attended and taught at.

Valusska has used her experience and knowledge to help make a difference, providing expert training to those in the security and policing field “I wanted to know more about different styles of martial arts and this lead me to become fully weapons trained which then lead to me training door staff in knife edge weapons awareness and in close quarters protection, which was also used to help the British transport police keep in line with reasonable force restraint techniques. I was then presented a set of Sai’s by my sensei for this achievement. I went on to compete in last man standing with the military and came 2nd. I was the only female, the only non-forces member, and the first female to do this. After reaching the highest level I could in karate, I branched into Brazilian Jiu jitsu, training with the American air force before they returned home. Since then I have helped as many people as I can by doing outdoor events and free karate lessons. My highest ever kick being recorded at 6’4”! In my spare time I enjoy HIIT,& bootcamp/ bodypump workouts,  art, music, dancing and I adore my children pets & sunflowers.”

Ed and Valusska will be available to contact on our “Ask Ed” platform to answer any questions you may have relating to your training, nutritional or health based needs. They will be kicking off the service by offering a range of exercise programmes to get fit over the summer months. Using the SAS EGYM mobile app, Ed & Valusska will develop workout training plans for use both in and out of the gym environment and for a range of experience levels. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media for updated articles and suggestions to help support you reach your goals.

Kick start your summer holidays with a workout challenege.

Click here to see a list of workouts being made available over the next week on SAS Gym.

Staff insured with SAS can contact Ed & Valusska for bespoke advice about their fitness goals on AskEd@uk-sas.co.uk

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