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30 Day Wellbeing Challenge with Jamie Peacock


What is the 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge?
Hi! I’m Jamie Peacock. I am a former Rugby League Champion player. In my rugby career, I played over 500 games, including over 50 times for England and Great Britain.

I’ve also won: 11 Super League Grand Finals, 4 Challenge Cups, 4 World Club Challenges, and I was selected for the Super League Dream Team World Best 13.

I didn’t start out as a champion. But I believe everybody has a champion within them. Over the next 30 days we’ll go on a journey to discover your inner champion.

I was able to excel in my career because of my focus and understanding of the importance of wellbeing. If you don’t know already, wellbeing consists of 4 areas:

• Positive Mindset
• Sleeping Well
• Physical Activity
• Eating Healthily

This programme is suitable for staff and pupils aged 10 years and over in the UK (suitable for Year 6 pupils and above)

How do I access the challenge?

Jamie Peacock in Partnership with SAS is pleased to share the Be A Champion 30 Day Pupil Wellbeing Programme. With the sudden recent lockdown, Jamie and SAS wanted to help schools, academies and parents / guardians with resources to support their pupils and staff alike and to empower young people to look after their mental and physical wellbeing.

This is why we are making this programme available to all schools in the UK at no cost.

During the webinar, Jamie will introduce the 30 day challenge where he will discuss his experience on how working on the four areas of wellbeing affected his rugby league career and helped Jamie be a champion. Sessions are limited, if there is a significant demand, future sessions will be made available.

Jamie and SAS will send an email once a week to go through what should be worked on that week as part of the challenge, along with a short video. After the 30 days is complete, each participant is welcome to join the final session to go through data we have from weekly engagement and how it impacted their wellbeing as well as share success stories submitted by participants.

Here is what some of the attendees of the first three sessions had to say:

“My son age 8 is already drinking more water, not interested in salt and knocked out a couple of 2km runs on the treadmill. Jamie Peacock’s words are making a difference” – Family of pupil attendee

“I am definitely signing up for the school staff one, the pupil version has received great feedback and there are still places available too” – School staff

“My son was there and loved it. He’s been going for a 15-20min run at the end of the school day now too. You’re doing an amazing job.” – Family of pupil attendee

“My 8 year old son was on your webinar yesterday and absolutely loved it. Top job sir, and thanks for being an inspiration and role model for sports stars by showing them how to give back !! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” – Family of pupil attendee

Dates Currently Available:

For Pupils: 

There are currently no dates available. Please query with SAS if you are interested in taking part.

For School Staff:

There are currently no dates available. Please query with SAS if you are interested in taking part.

Schools that use our staff absence insurance policies also have access to an 8-week Be A Champion programme with app and web based pupil submission and an individual dashboard for class groups in your school. Please click here to learn more about SAS and the Whole School Wellbeing Support Services we offer to schools, their staff and their pupils or click here to contact the team to learn more.