“It has changed my life” – SAS Physiotherapy

At SAS, every month we celebrate one of the fantastic wellbeing support services offered by our team of in house expert and clinicians. For the month of August we celebrated our physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is one of the most frequently accessed services available with SAS Wellbeing. As a matter of fact in 2018/19 SAS spent over £1million on physiotherapy support and referrals for staff insured by SAS staff absence insurance policies.

We were proud to report at the start of August that throughout the period of lockdown, that our physiotherapist has been able to continue supporting 94% of all patient referrals, without seeing them in person. By providing personalised exercise and support programmes, our physiotherapist has been able to help staff with support specific to them and prevent long waits for a referrals through the NHS.

Recently, we were sent this feedback from a patient of our physiotherapy programme and we are so incredibly proud to have helped alleviate their pain and discomfort.

“I am writing to say thank you for the excellent support I have received from SAS Physiotherapist Mike Hodgson.

I made contact on 6th August following twisting my back. I was struggling to sit, and after lying down for 5 minutes I was in pain moving again. My lower back would “seize up”. I struggled to put shoes on.

Following the programme for 2 weeks, really engaging in what I have been given, I still have a very minor pain in right upper leg, but I am able to lie, sit and stand, and have almost learnt to sit properly all the time. 

It has changed my life, 2 weeks ago was in pain all the time, Mike listened and allocated my programme. I still have work to do, but doing what I needed to do has really worked.

So thank you to Mike and SAS. I will be advising school what a wonderful addition to our school.”

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