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InspirEDucate is a national network, supporting school leaders and their staff across the country

Schools Advisory Service and InspirEDucate share the same desire to support and sustain the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the schools that they work with. Both organisations have a track record of supporting physical and mental health and wellbeing. Both organisations believe that a closer working relationship is beneficial to both organisations and schools more widely. In order to begin to develop this relationship and build for the future.

This collaboration will seek to proactively develop a broader understanding of physical and mental health and wellbeing in schools across the country with a series of partners who similarly want to make a difference to staff and pupil, physical and mental wellbeing.

InspirEDucate is a network of school leaders and organisations who are all focused on supporting School Leaders and their staff teams.  Our founder, James Pope, has over 20 years education experience.  As an executive Headteacher James’ experience was captured and shared in the BBC2 documentary ‘School’.  The experience of leading schools in very challenging experiences, many of them created by the Education and Accountability system, deeply affected James’ mental and physical health leading him to resign,  to start InspirEDucate and to coach and support other school leaders, themselves operating under extreme stress.  InspirEDucate is a national network, supporting school leaders and their staff across the country, through:

InspirEDucate’s ‘HeadsUp’ movement has developed to offer one-to one support to Headteachers in crisis and to shine a spotlight on the system wide issue of headteachers who are being forced out of role.  We offer one-to-one coaching support to Headteachers who are experiencing extreme stress or who are fearful of losing their job.  We also provide access to a network of school leaders.   All coaching is free to access. Click here for more information. 

InspirEDucate’s ‘InnerArmourED’ offer is a suite of services which help groups of staff in schools and across schools.  We work with school teams and also groups of Headteachers, training them in the use of Positive Psychology techniques and our bespoke coaching tool.  On the completion of training, staff are able to utilise the tools to support each other.  Our training provides schools who are serious about investing in staff mental health with an impactful, sustainable and scalable model. Click here for more information.

The HeadsUp offer is free for SAS schools to access.

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