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Full Colour Coaching

Full Colour coaching

Coaching and Wellbeing Services

Full Colour Coaching Ltd, is a not-for-profit organisation with the vision of transforming wellbeing in education and empowering young people and staff to flourish. We provide a range of services including professional coaching for students and staff, coach training programmes for students and staff, wellbeing programmes and Positive Education training, all of which are tailored to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of the school community.

Professional Coaching (ICF Accredited Coaching Qualification)

Coaching is a solution-focused, future oriented confidential conversation, where we skilfully listen and use thought provoking questioning, to empower individuals to amplify their strengths to design and execute their own solutions to challenges they face and move forward, from where they are, to where they want to be.

Coaching can unlock an individuals’ potential to maximise their own performance and personal growth, removing limiting beliefs and setting aspirational goals to achieve success.

The aim of Full Colours’ coaching programmes is to support those in education with their mental health and wellbeing, to increase confidence and resilience and reduce anxiety. Coaching can help to remove barriers and limiting beliefs, helping individual’s learn how to positively manage their worries and anxiety.

We offer 1-1 coaching for students, staff and even parents. We also offer group coaching and have our own Student Peer Coaching Training Programme to allow senior students to learn key coaching skills to support younger students, widening the support available within the school community.


There have been many research studies carried out on the impact coaching can have on young people and the difference it makes. Here are just a few of the summarised findings:


  • Providing coaching to high school students can increase their resilience, goal striving, wellbeing and hopefulness (Green, Grant & Rynsaardt, 2007).
  • Coaching and positive psychology interventions can be used to enhance wellbeing and goal striving of high school students (Green, Norrish, Vella-Brodrick & Grant, 2013).
  • Coaching increases goal commitment, cognitive hardiness, mental health and hope (Green et al. 2007).
  • Coaching increased academic performance in secondary school students in the UK (Passmore & Brown, 2009).
  • Training students as coaches led to increases in emotional intelligence, improved attitudes to learning and enhanced communication skills (van Nieuwerburgh & Tong, 2013).
  • Research by van Nieuwerburgh & Passmore (2012) highlighted the positive effects of becoming a student coach on thought processes, study skills, emotional intelligence, relationships and communication skills.

Wellbeing & Positive Education

(Positive Education Certified from The Center of Positive Education and Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center)

Full Colour Coaching also offers webinars/workshops and training across a range of wellbeing topics. Using the science of Positive Psychology, we help schools train their staff in Positive Education, which supports staff to enhance their own wellbeing first of all, and then feel confident in supporting the wellbeing of their students. We help schools build a whole school approach to wellbeing and make wellbeing visible across the whole school community.

I can offer the majority of my services Nationwide through the use of online technology such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. I can also travel to schools if subsidised with travel expenses.

10% off services for SAS staff absence insurance clients.

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