Food Bank Nomination

Last year, the food banks in the Trussel Trust’s UK network distributed 2.5 million emergency food parcels, with 980,000 were given to children.  SAS are inspired by the work of Marcus Rashford MBE and the tireless work that so many schools and community groups have done since the start of the pandemic to prevent children going hungry.  Food banks not only provide essential items such as food and personal hygiene products to those in need, but they also signpost to organisations that provide information on financial advice, welfare support, community groups and other support services.

The pandemic has affected nearly everyone in different ways, but one worry that families should never have is whether they can afford to feed their children. SAS are committed to supporting local foodbanks around the country. We have started our own foodbank in our head office and also in the month of December will be taking nominations from schools do donate £100 to every week.

Please tweet us @SchoolsAdvisory or contact your account manager to nominate a food bank.