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Feeling Good Schools Programme

Feeling Good For Schools programme
“being strong on the inside, not the outside”


‘Feeling Good For Schools’ is a series of 2 six week wellbeing/resilience programmes for KS3 pupils that takes a non-stigmatising approach to positive mental health.
What makes it different from other wellbeing programmes is that it is based on repeated, daily listening to short audio tracks to build key skills for coping and resilience. The tracks have been developed by our GP and Psychologist MDs from our NHS-approved adult versions of similar tracks that form a mental health recovery programme using sports psychology (visualisation; learning and practising strategies).
The tracks are proven to be effective in improving wellbeing, resilience, self-perception and motivation when listened to repeatedly (this aspect can feel challenging for both staff and pupils initially, but part of the resilience comes from the commitment to repeated listening!). This daily listening (3 – 6 mins) takes place alongside themed weekly lessons (50 – 60 mins) that can be delivered in e.g. PSHE, PE or Citizenship.
We provide full training and resources for the programme, we’re on hand to support delivery (via email/phone call etc.) and teachers deliver the lessons themselves because we want to empower a greater number of teachers with the confidence and knowledge to address pupils’ (and their own) mental health needs in a proactive way using a whole-school, more long-term approach.

Part 1 of our programme covers six topics:  
Week 1: Mental health and mental strength
Week 2: Breathing and other coping strategies
Week 3: Inner safe space
Week 4: Emotions
Week 5: Positive values, friendship and conflict resolution
Week 6: Opportunities

Part 2 of our programme covers the topics:
Week 1: Mental Health and Resilience
Week 2: Challenges and Setbacks
Week 3: Social Media and Mental Health Part 1
Week 4: Social Media and Mental Health Part 2
Week 5: Strengths and Self-compassion
Week 6: Making Choices

Intro to Feeling Good For Schools V2 from Feeling Good with FPMH on Vimeo.

In summary: Our difference and what we include:
In addition to weekly PowerPoints, daily audios, and a teacher overview of each six week programme, the package includes:
• Free access to our NHS-approved adult app ‘Feeling Good’ for school staff and parents/carers
• Free access to our young person’s app ‘Feeling Good Teens’
• A printed booklet for each pupil to use and complete during each six week programme
• Full online training for school staff
• Remote support throughout programme delivery from a qualified and experienced teachers
• Regular check-ins and feedback about how pupils are responding the programme via Lesson Reflections and Evaluation Surveys.

The Feeling Good Schools Programme Also Includes:
✓ Online Teacher Training
✓ Teacher Support from Experienced Teachers
✓ Teacher Overview of the programme
✓ 2 x 6 week pupil programme for the whole class – for year 1 and year 2
o Consisting of:
o A new weekly audio – to practice skills acquisition
o Lesson Powerpoint– choice to be narrated – to apply skills to real life situations
o Pupil booklet – to reinforce learnings with reflection
✓ Free access to Feeling Good Teens App for pupils to listen to at home
✓ Free access to Feeling Good: positive mindset App for adults – teachers/pupils/carers