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Emotional Logic Centre

Emotional Logic

Training in conversational skills to reduce trauma and improve responsiveness for whole organizations, couples, and individuals

Emotional Logic was developed by a doctor as a preventive lifelong learning way to understand how unpleasant emotions have useful purposes that help healthy adjustment to change, setback, disappointment and hurt. It is NOT counselling or therapy; rather it is a personal development method of a transferable conversational life skill with age appropriate materials from 4 years old to mature adults and parents.


We provide whole school community programmes, and individual coaching support for ailing pupils and their parents with a view to improving the quality of relationships in homes and between parents and school staff. Staff mutual support increases, with reduction in stress and feelings of isolation, and an improved sense of achieving with classes. Pupil concentration and performance improves. One school reported a 42% reduction in reported bad behaviour associated with a whole school community programme over two years.

Using remote support we can provide nationwide training, supervision and support as schools progressively implement the whole school community programme. We can provide limited remote coaching for individual staff to prevent sickness absence, or who wish to find more inner strength to return to work.

For any adults who are receiving training as part of a school programme or referred for individual coaching, we can offer a 15% discount on additional age appropriate materials that will support the transfer of skills and understanding to younger members of their home family life.

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