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Emma Cann Coaching

Staff Coaching

Emma works with hardworking teachers and school leaders to develop strategies to find the clarity, confidence and calm to face challenges and manage stress without overwhelm or burnout. She helps them create healthy, mindful and productive teaching environments which allow them to do what they love and have their greatest impact.

With nearly a decade of teaching and leadership experience, Emma fully understands the joys and frustrations of the classroom. She is clear on her mission to empower those working in education to lead balanced, happy and impactful lives.

Impact of coaching for teachers and schools

Teachers are resourceful individuals with motivation and ambition. Emma helps them tap into their resourcefulness to find their own answers and way forward. Often teachers and school leaders are balancing a number of responsibilities and tasks at the same time, making it difficult to know how to focus their time and energy most effectively. Emma offers a proactive intervention, empowering teachers to quickly identify and address problems that arise confidently and calmly.

When teachers feel unsupported, disempowered and stressed, their performance and wellbeing suffers. Emma’s coaching support provides valuable personal and professional development to allow them to become better teachers, leaders, individuals and role models. Investing in coaching to support teachers’ personal and professional development will reduce the costs involved with teacher retention, staff absence, supply cover and reduced productivity.

What support is available?

Emma provides 1:1 coaching sessions for teachers and school leaders.

Teachers may choose to focus on any number of topics in their coaching sessions. They can work through barriers, get clarity on issues affecting them, and develop strategies to feel empowered and confident in all areas of their work and life. The sessions are structured conversations that follow the agenda of the teacher. Emma spends time helping the teacher focus on the positive future outcome that they want to achieve, rather than fixating on the problem they are facing to ensure clear actionable plans to achieve short-term outcomes are produced. Teachers leave sessions feeling calm, empowered and motivated to create change.

Emma coaches via video conferencing software to reduce the costs to schools and increase flexibility of support. She is based in the South West near Bristol and Bath if schools would prefer to work together in person.

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