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Educate to Flourish

Wellbeing Training for Children & School Staff

Our Founder, Managing Director and Lead Trainer: Frederika Roberts

Frederika is a positive and character education speaker, trainer, occasional postgraduate lecturer and author with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.  She is working towards a Doctorate in Education and is the European Representative for IPPAed (the Positive Education Division of the International Positive Psychology Association). Frederika is also a qualified teacher (PGCE, University of Huddersfield) with classroom teaching experience, so understands first-hand the challenges that teachers face.

She is passionate about improving children’s wellbeing to enable them to flourish inside and outside of school and into adult life, and has been supporting schools in this area since 2014, providing positive education and character education training to children, their teachers and their parents. Frederika is also passionate about supporting teacher and parent wellbeing in its own right, because it’s the right thing to do and is very much needed, not just as a tool to supporting children’s wellbeing.

In addition to her school experience and positive psychology expertise, Frederika brings a degree is in Business and Management and business leadership experience to her role.

Our purpose is to support children’s flourishing. We do this by working with schools in a number of ways:

Our purpose is to support children’s flourishing. We do this by working with schools in a number of ways:
• Action research training and support
Action research can be invaluable; it is both practical and realistic and provides your staff with opportunities for personal growth. Our team have hands-on academic research and training delivery experience. We can therefore make even the trickiest topics accessible and enjoyable.
• Wellbeing training for children and adolescents
We deliver workshops and programmes to support your students’ wellbeing. Our team members have experience of working with children of all ages. We teach children evidence-informed positive psychology and character development tools in a fun and interactive way, supported by memorable inspirational stories.
• Staff wellbeing & positive and character education training
Our workshops and programmes include twilight CPD, half- and full-day INSET and longer training programmes. Our training is based on available positive psychology / positive education and character education research evidence.
• School positive education consultancy
We work with your school’s leadership team and staff to help you implement or expand your positive and character education provision.
• Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strengths-based process that changes behaviours and systems by changing conversations. At the heart of the AI process are the concepts of ‘appreciation’ and ‘enquiry’ (or US spelling: inquiry!). The process works by appreciating the strengths within the organisation and the achievements and positive emotions these have already led to (appreciating ‘what is’), and enquiring into ‘what could be’ and ‘what should be’, before moving into creating ‘what will be’. Our Founder and Lead Trainer, Frederika Roberts, is a certified Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and can guide your school or trust through the process.
• Parent wellbeing training
We run highly interactive and experiential parent workshops and training programme based on positive psychology research.
Our parent wellbeing workshops and training programmes support parents in their own wellbeing in addition to giving them the tools to help their children.

Services are available Nationwide.

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