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Don’t Bottle It

It’s normal for your mental health to go up and down, feeling sad is an unavoidable but natural aspect of life. Being down sometimes is in its own way quite healthy, as it’s your minds way of telling you that something needs changing. Unavoidable as it is, it’s less about trying to feel happy all the time but more how you manage yourself when you’re feeling down.

A lot of people decide to bottle things up, but this isn’t a sustainable solution over a long period of time. Naturally we all have different ways to manage our negative emotions but one of the better, more underrated ways to do so is to speak to someone about things.

This can be a light-hearted chat with mates or a sit-down conversation with a family member over a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be an intense conversation, but addressing it however you choose is the first step to dealing with the problem head on.

Alternatively, you could speak to someone you don’t know if you’d prefer the anonymity.

That’s where we come in. SAS are lucky to have some fantastic NMC-registered, in-house nurses that would be more than happy to listen to your problems and talk you through your solutions.

Staff named on SAS policies have access to this as part of the MANSPACE service💪

Here are a few of the nurses you could be speaking to:

Louise – I have been a Nurse for longer than I care to remember, over 30 years, not sure how I’m only 25!!

Over these years I have worked in various clinical specialities across the country including orthopaedics, elderly care, palliative care, Nurse led wards and minor injury units and an out of hours GP helpline. For the last 8 years I have worked for SAS.

In addition to working as a Nurse I have also had roles as a weight management coach and volunteered for the charity Shout for which I had to complete and pass a rigorous training programme. This has helped me to develop skills to assist those experiencing mental health issues.

My role is to assist people not only to access therapies but to help them improve their health long term. It also enables me to raise awareness of conditions and signpost those in need of support to appropriate services or organisations. This is where the idea for Manspace originated after I had 3 calls in a week regarding suicides of 3 young men. I wanted to provide a space where men or anyone, could find information and support for issues specifically relating to Men’s health.

Sharon – Hello, I am Sharon , I started my career in nursing in 1988 and qualified in 1991 as a Registered General Nurse. I have worked in the NHS, USA, and Europe. I served in the RAF for 2yrs in a nursing capacity.

I have had many roles in my career, I have spent 20 yrs as a forensic nurse in the prison service and as a custody nurse with the police force. This did involve a lot of mental health and understanding of men’s health and emotional well-being. Alongside this I have also worked in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres which again involved a lot of mental health alongside physical health needs.

I work in the SAS Well-Being team and am here to answer any calls you may have about any aspect of your health, please do not hesitate to call in.

Staff named on SAS policies can contact one of our nurses on 01773 814 403. Alternatively, email your name, school name and school postcode to nurse@uk-sas.co.uk