Connecting Through Yoga

SAS pupil Yoga Providers the Teen Yoga Foundation have kindly shared a resource about creating connections through yoga as covid restrictions start to lift and people start to get out and resume some of their normal activities. You can read more about this month’s theme by clicking here.

The Teen Yoga Foundation also have an event coming up on How Yoga Can Help with Social Anxiety & Intro to the Teen Yoga Foundation, which is free to access and will be on 31 July at 4:00pm. Please click here to book your space. 

One great way to create connection in your classes is by doing partner poses.  There are so many benefits:  enhances communication; deepens connection; builds trust and increases fun!

We do understand that with Covid there might be some limitations on what can be done with partners but we’ve all experienced the power of teach – we touch and are touched by others.  With that, we still wanted to provide partner poses for you to use in your class.

Click 01 07_02 Yoga for Connection POSES FOR CONNECTING for various partner poses that can be shared with your yogis.  These poses can be done at home with family members or friends in the park, now that summer is here.

  1. Ted Talk:  The Need for Connection and Why It Starts with Ourselves

This Ted Talk about connection is a must listen!  Molly Carroll, a trained therapist, shares her thoughts on the importance of connection and why it starts with ourselves.  She talks about how human connection lowers anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation, and how improving our connection with ourselves helps us better connect with others.  Time for all of us to strengthen our connection muscle!

Click HERE to listen to the talk.

  1. Connection Challenge

There are many different ways to connect.  Yes, it’s nice to connect with friends but how about connecting with nature?  Or maybe both at the same time?!

For our challenge this month, we encourage you and your yogis to create connection and take a picture.  That could be doing a partner pose with someone – or maybe a picture with shoes off, toes in the sand (or grass!), connecting with nature.  It could even be sitting back-to-back with a family member, bringing awareness to breath and creating connection.

Once you have a picture, post it to Instagram, tagging #teenyoga, and encourage others to do the same.  Create your own connection!