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Support to help staff who are parents-to-be and  parents thrive at work

Services for the wellbeing of staff who are parents-to-be, parents and carers to enable them to thrive at work.

CM Talent offer services aimed at removing the gender barriers to professional success and strategically support the development of more women leaders, closing the gender pay gap.

These aims are intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of each leader, teacher and member of your support staff to enable them to thrive at home with their family responsibilities and at work.

Across the board, the maternity penalty still exists where women’s career prospects suffer due to motherhood, resulting in an imbalance of women at the top of the profession. Fatherhood doesn’t attract the same effect on career prospects for men.

CM Talent specialise in helping employers to readdress this imbalance – helping employers to attract, retain and develop gender diverse teams.

Key services for schools


Family Care Leave support – online support for people taking maternity, paternity, shared parental leave or adoption leave helping prepare for smooth transitions before the period of leave starts and on the return to their work

Individual coaching

Our coaching support is provided in batches of 3 x 1 hour-long confidential coaching sessions via video or telephone.


Family Care Leave coaching with a CM Talent coach – ideal for any vulnerable members of staff taking maternity, paternity or adoption leave. With a focus on smooth transitions, the coaching provides practical and emotional support during a major life change.

Working Parent coaching with a CM Talent coach – for staff members experiencing challenges in their home/family life.  Providing a compassionate and empathetic approach focused on finding resolution and practical steps to move forward. This is particularly useful for support around relationship challenges, divorce, dealing with loss, adjusting to being a blended family, eldercare, dealing with overwhelm, stress or other setbacks or generally finding better work/life balance.

Prospective Parent coaching with a CM Talent coach – coaching support for individuals going through fertility treatment or coping with miscarriage or baby loss.

Group sessions

Parent and/or carer webinars and workshops for groups of staff on a range of topics focused on wellbeing as a working parent and/or working carer.  Acknowledging the additional challenges of differing family responsibilities and circumstances to help individuals thrive at home and at work

Flexible Working

Consultancy work on flexible working arrangements fit for operational needs yet suitable for your staff’s needs. From strategic approval through to implementation plan we can support you each step of the way.

Leadership Development

Bespoke programmes put together to help you develop your future leaders and inspire your current leaders using a holistic, whole-person approach to personal and professional development, incorporating:

Leadership development programmes

Mentoring programmes

Individual and group coaching

Diversity and Inclusion

Consultancy work on improving the demographic diversity of your staff and creating an inclusive working environment where every member of staff can feel like they belong.

The CM Talent team are also available for conference speaking, team development and ad hoc training events.

Nationwide through videoconferencing and online provision

Available for in-person events within 2 hours travel time of Warwickshire

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