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Bounce Together

Wellbeing Engagement with the Whole School Community

We know that engaging and caring for the emotional needs of your whole school community can be very difficult in itself but even more so with growing teacher workload/pressure, reduced funding/resources and now, a global pandemic.

Whilst emotional health in childhood has been found to be the biggest predictor of adult happiness, there is still so much emphasis on schools to focus on academic outcomes. In fact, research has shown that children and young people that are in control of their emotional wellbeing do better academically!

The same is to be said of staff too. But studies have shown that more than half of all educational professional have considered leaving the sector over the past 2 years due to pressures on their health and wellbeing.

So wouldn’t it be ideal if you had a simple way to measure wellbeing across your whole school helping you understand your starting point and where your school is? A system that was able to instantly provide you with the data, leaving more time to focus on tailored interventions or actions?

This is exactly why we created BounceTogether.

Designed specifically for schools, BounceTogether provides a way to regularly engage your whole school community and ask them how they are feeling.

Schools that measure wellbeing know their starting point and unlike some solutions that offer singular, prescriptive wellbeing measurements, BounceTogether takes a different approach.

To help you get started, we provide you with age-appropriate, validated and tested measures that have been produced by experts around the globe in mental health, resilience, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, attitudes to learning, literacy and more.

But in recognition that every school has unique needs, you can create your own questions as well if you like!

It’s effortless for schools to create and assign surveys, and the child-friendly interface means it’s even fun to complete a survey!

In any case, the results are delivered in real-time so the right people in school can see what’s really going on. The rich data you can collect using BounceTogether is perfect for ensuring your unique school’s wellbeing strategy is heading where you want it to.

BounceTogether can:

  • Help you understand your starting point and the unique issues that are facing your pupils and staff
  • Provide fast evidence that helps support your professional judgement
  • Demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of interventions and lets you monitor the progress your school is making over time
  • Save hours of staff time, enabling you to focus on the interventions, not data collection
  • Provides a platform for collecting regular feedback from your whole school community

Services are available Nationwide.

Offer for SAS staff absence insurance customers – 10% off standard prices.

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