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Be Mindful

Be Mindful

The only NHS approved mindfulness programme for schools. Over a four week programme, it will help instil coping strategies for stress and anxiety for the user.

Practical approach to mindfulness with engaging videos and interactive sessions to teach a more effective way of handling stress and challenges. Sessions are online and on-demand with an easy to use pathway, simple instructions to follow and complete at your own pace. Accessible on any device with the ability to track your progress along the pathway with self-assessment tools that chart reductions in stress, depression and anxiety.

Be Mindful with SAS is available to all staff at schools insured with SAS.

Here is what some who have accessed Be Mindful in the initial months since launch had to say.

“Seeing my stress levels at the start and the end was amazing and proof that it really does work!”

“I was quite sceptical at first about the course but I am so glad I did it. Firstly I thought it would help me to understand my daughters anxieties and depression but as I progressed, I realised I have pressures of my own. The course helped me to realise that thoughts are not always real and the breathing strategies really do help you to switch off from unneeded thoughts. Also the length of the sessions are great because you don’t feel tied to it. Thank you for the opportunity of the mindfulness course.”

“I have learnt a lot from completing this course and most importantly I have learnt to be kind to myself. I have learnt the different feelings I experience are okay and then I have developed strategies to ease these anxieties and worries. The course was very interactive and I found this way of learning to be very engaging. Thank you for giving me the chance to recognise and learn new skills of mindfulness, they have really helped to ease my anxieties and I feel much more equipped to deal with the different situations that I will be faced with throughout life. I know I need to practise my newly learnt skills and remind myself daily about the parachute scenario you used to show the importance of practising. Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed my mindful journey and looked forward to the emails informing me of the practices we were going to do that week. The Library is great as you can access and revisit audios to do the exercises when ever you want.”

“I found the course very helpful overall and it was very user friendly. I know I will take the bits that worked well for me forward in my life and I think that’s the important bit – to identify what works for you and find where you can incorporate it into your life. For me the shorter exercises worked best but I found I was using parts of the longer exercises too just adapting them to my situation. Some of the breathing exercises developed and fitted nicely alongside visualisation practices I have learnt previously In my life. This has already proved to be an invaluable tool at times of stress and I know will carry on being so in the future.”

“I can’t really remember the first week but as the weeks continued I found this mindfulness course easier to navigate the playback and email reminders were very helpful and were just what I needed to keep me on task.” I really enjoyed the whole experience.”

To submit your request for access, please complete the form below.