Ask the Inspector

Ask the Inspector

Ofsted have introduced a new form of assessment from September 2019 that focuses on improving the physical and mental health of pupils. With these changes comes a new framework, new guidelines and new questions.

To help schools understand these changes and to assist with any specific queries regarding the new assessments, SAS have launched an ‘Ask the Inspector’ service.

We know that if schools are unsure or lack clarity on new regulation, it can cause tension. If you require assistance as an SAS client, you can receive help through “Ask the Inspector”.

To learn more or to enquire about ‘Ask the Inspector’, complete your request in the box below or see our wellbeing brochure for services available to staff & pupils as part of your SAS policy.

No query is too small, if it's clarification or you need a second opinion. We will offer an answer and will look to share best practice from our 4000 schools.

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