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Apprenticeship Week 2020

It’s Apprenticeship week! In 2018/19, there was just over 740,000 Apprentices in England. Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to get their foot in a door with a career they want to pursue. Here at SAS, we are supporters of providing those looking for the opportunity to work while learning the opportunity to work for a market leading company. We find apprenticeships beneficial as we gain passionate staff, keen to learn and help the company progress in their coursework which often provides information on the latest in their industry progression. SAS currently have four apprentices, with many long term staff having previously completed apprenticeships.

Here are a few comments from our current apprentices and staff that joined SAS under an apprenticeship about what the apprenticeship programmes has done for their career.

Josh, Accounts Apprentice – I was attracted to an apprenticeship, because I believe that they are a fantastic opportunity to gain good experience, whilst working simultaneously to gain an impressive, highly regarded qualification at college.  Furthermore, I believe that they help you adapt to working life as if in full time employment and make the transition from school life to working life easier.  SAS has been a fantastic company to work for, for many reasons such as the power and prestige that this company holds being market leaders in staff absence insurance, as well as the health and wellbeing of staff and how brilliantly that SAS looks after its employees.  I am hoping that my apprenticeship will fill me with confidence as well as experience whilst working towards an AAT qualification.  I hope that this leads to being offered a full-time job here at SAS in the accounts department.


Ryan, Accounts Apprentice – I was inclined to join an apprenticeship because I wanted experience in the job role as I know that the education system often teaches things that the students don’t use. I also chose an apprenticeship over university as a degree isn’t a guaranteed successful career and I wouldn’t have any student debt to pay. Also the fact that I am learning and earning. From this apprenticeship I am hoping to progress through AAT to level 4 and onwards. This apprenticeship will also give me experience in how a business operates as well as cooperates between different departments. Working for the SAS is Amazing as there is currently always something to be doing which means the days fly by. My co-workers are always happy to help with any questions I have. There is also additional training provided at the SAS like cyber security and fraud which improves my knowledge on current risks and how to notice and prevent them.


Owen, Marketing Apprentice – I decided to go for an apprenticeship because I wanted a qualification without having to spend all my time in a classroom. While on my apprenticeship I’m hoping to gain ‘real working world’ experience while being able to expand my skill set in a role I enjoy and am passionate about.

Since beginning my apprenticeship at SAS in June, I have expanded my skills and knowledge in various areas of marketing, in ways I don’t think I would have been able to do on a college course. I also have felt a difference in myself, I feel more confident and comfortable in the workplace. Getting an apprenticeship here is the best thing I’ve done.



Bradley, Marketing Apprentice – I have recently started my apprenticeship with SAS. I chose to go down the path of an apprenticeship as I believe on the job experience has become more valuable in recent times. For me personally, I learn better through being hands-on and working the job rather than observing and taking notes.

SAS seems like a perfect fit and I’m really enjoying my time here. Everyone is really nice and I’ve been welcomed in by everyone well. There’s a lot to learn and take in but I can’t wait to become a solid member of the team.




Henna, Accounts Assistant – I started my accounting apprenticeship in December 2017. I had started sixth form and after a year I found I did not really enjoy the experience and found the exams process daunting. I considered University, but felt that I would put myself in a better position in the long run if I was able to work while learning. An apprenticeship also gave me the independence to control my learning, which I felt was really valuable.

I was pleased to get an apprenticeship with SAS as it was apparent from the first interview that it is a very welcoming environment and they do treat apprentices very well compared to other organisations I considered. Having been here for a few years now I have found that SAS is like another home and I have made some great friends and it has opened up more doors to so many other opportunities.


Emma H, Assistant Accounts Manager – I started my accounting apprenticeship at SAS in January 2014. I wanted to have the opportunity to work and progress in a workplace while learning. After completing my apprenticeship with SAS, I continued to work and develop my career here and have recently been promoted to the Assistant Accounts Manager.