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Amazing People Schools

Amazing people schools

Character and Wellbeing Learning Platform

What we do

“We know what we are but not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare

Amazing People Schools is an award-winning learning platform carefully designed to support wellbeing and character development in both primary and secondary schools.

We support learning around key character strengths such as resilience, empathy and kindness drawing inspirational from the real stories of amazing people from around the globe, from Harriet Tubman to William Shakespeare, Gandhi to Frida Kahlo.

We work with schools around the globe and are accredited with a Company of Character kitemark from the Association of Character Education. Character strengths play a vital role in student wellbeing, social emotional learning, and positive personal development. We aim to support young people to harness these innate character strengths so they can bolster their wellbeing, believe in themselves and flourish.

Mary Seacole knew all about kindness. Albert Einstein used wildly creative ideas in his scientific work. Character strengths such as optimism, perseverance and gratitude play a critical role in a young person’s wellbeing and greatly improve the odds that they will thrive, regardless of challenge and adversity. This has never been more important.

Inspirational wellbeing and character support that works

The inspirational stories which form the core of the site were researched by psychologist Dr Charles Margerison during a period of over two decades. They were originally used as the basis for a 20-book ELT series co-published with Collins in 2014. This highlighted the potential for these stories to support wellbeing and character in schools. Based on this, we launched a pilot in 2017 which engaged over 25,000 users around the globe. The feedback from that pilot enabled us to launch Amazing People Schools as you see it today.

Students can directly discover our stories of amazing role models such as Mahatma Gandhi or Harriet Tubman through video, audio, timelines, and a written story. Quizzes and an avatar builder drive engagement and enable students to test what they have learnt.

All the teaching resources in our extensive resource library are teacher-created. They include assemblies, to ten-minute discussion aids to wellbeing workouts suitable for blended learning.

This two-minute video provides a quick overview of how it all works:

Amazing People Schools in a Nutshell

What our teachers and students say

Checked out @Amazing_Schs resources and wow! Wonderful work on character, creativity and resilience centred around a range of diverse figures. They offer a

generous few weeks free so worth a try! So good it’s one of those where you wonder why we haven’t been doing it all along!” Teacher, Twitter

Great to be working with @Amazing_Schs. Really pleased that a number of our pupils are accessing their wellbeing and character-building resources online currently. Hope to do more work together in the future. – Teacher on Twitter

Our Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils are loving using @Amazing_Schs’s resources each week to complete a ‘well-being workout’. This week the focus is the power of optimism. Thanks to @Amazing_Schs for sharing these activities.  – Teacher,

I’ve had a really good look around the website and I think your resources are brilliant. I haven’t seen anything else like it – it’s a breath of fresh air. – Teacher

I think this is a phenomenal website where we can get to know the great things people did to make history. It helps you learn and thrive. I have learned about variable characteristics such as resilience, perseverance, optimism, enthusiasm and many more.  – Student

I really like amazing people because they inspire me to stand up for what is right – Student

Amazing People Schools in a Nutshell:

https://youtu.be/bsDOwQzqu7I  Amazing People Schools in a Nutshell

Albert Einstein and Creativity

Harriet Tubman and Courage

Mary Seacole – a snapshot into the life of the nurse and businesswoman. https://youtu.be/1JFIQj9VKoE Mary Seacole

Available Nationwide

Offer to all SAS clients

Free access for one half term including unlimited teacher and staff accounts

Free online inspiration workshop for staff

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