Advanced Six Week Fitness Challenge

Set yourself a longer term challenge. This Beginners 6 Week Workout Plan is broken into 3 sections, carefully increasing the difficulty as the weeks pass.

This Advanced Plan is aimed at those who already have some exercise experience and want to challenge and push themselves further. This plan needs little equipment, with an option to use either dumbbells or your own home made Resistance Bag and is based on four 25 minute sessions per week.

This challenge is available on the app by invite only. Please email AskEd@uk-sas.co.uk for access to this programme. 

Ed takes you through the 6 Weeks step by step in the videos below

Weeks 1 & 2

Weeks 3 & 4

Weeks 5 & 6

Please note: Care should be taken when undertaking any new fitness regime that is new activity to your normal routine. Please ensure you take adequate breaks, remain hydrated, amend your diet if necessary to ensure a balanced diet based on your level of activity, and seek any medical or clinical advice from your doctors if you have any concerns about how adding a fitness regime may affect any underlying conditions.

For more information on nutritional advice, please see our page of dedicated meal suggestions. Also please ensure you are adopting the correct posturing when completing work outs. This information can be found in our fitness help section.